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Why I like Elegant Themes – Their Support – Part 2



The only issue I have with the support forum is that they can be slow at times.

The WeaknessesAccessing my account to download themes can sometimes be a pain as I get timed out frequently and need to keep logging back in. I’m sure many other members have experienced this many times too.Some themes have sluggish page load speeds due to large page images that have not been properly compressed or not compressed at all to be at par with Google PageSpeed guidelines.The Verdict

With a theme collection currently standing at 87 themes, Elegant Themes offers a wide range of beautiful themes of exceptional quality. Nick has always favored simplicity and flexibility and this is a constant in all the themes his team has built.
I’ve used many themes of theirs and I’m pretty impressed so far. I like the minimalist approach when it comes to aesthetics and this is the philosophy they use at Elegant Themes. They’ve been around for 5 years now and many other theme companies have come up within the same time to try and compete. But I think Elegant Themes has plenty of room to grow. They just need to polish up a few areas in support, the user experience for registered members, and perhaps work on some of their older themes to bring them up to date with responsive features.

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