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Best Music to Listen to While Working


I love listening to music. It helps me unwind, and it is something I really enjoy. However, when I tried to listen to my favorite tunes while I was busy working on my computer, I noticed that the words of the songs I was listening to had a way of worming into my brain, and caused me to make mistakes. Then I realized that I had to search for another kind of music, if I wanted to be able to do both things at the same time.


I knew from some articles I read a while ago that music can help you be more productive. I even read about the Mozart effect (although some scientists say that its benefits are not as important as some people like to think). I would not go as far as thinking that listening to classical music can make you smarter, but, after I searched through various tracks, tunes, selections and so on, I found one that is just to my liking. Here is the link to YouTube:

First of all, it is just instrumental, so that really helps me a lot when I work on my computer. There is no scrambling, no annoying noise to keep my thoughts from flowing. Second of all, I know that it is a well tried recipe. The guy making the music is a medical school student and he uses it when studying. A lot of people love his music, too, and that must count for something.


I noticed quite an important increase in my productivity once I started listening to this type of music. Classical music always works, but be aware that not all the great composers will put you in a good mood for studying or working. Mozart is, indeed, the king, and Bach is the greatest when it comes to music that can uplift you and keep your mind alert. However, I would not recommend anything that is too dark or depressing. So, no funeral marches for me, thank you very much! You will just end up wanting to cry for no reason (I hope you know I exaggerate a bit, but still, that is not the kind of music to listen to, when you want to keep going).


From my experience, I also recommend listening to music that includes sounds of nature, because it is very peaceful and relaxes your brain, so that you can continue working without having to take as many breaks. I hope you find all this information useful!


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