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Why I like Elegant Themes – Their Support – Part 2


The only issue I have with the support forum is that they can be slow at times.

The WeaknessesAccessing my account to download themes can sometimes be a pain as I get timed out frequently and need to keep logging back in. I’m sure many other members have experienced this many times too.Some themes have sluggish page load speeds due to large page images that have not been properly compressed or not compressed at all to be at par with Google PageSpeed guidelines.The Verdict

With a theme collection currently standing at 87 themes, Elegant Themes offers a wide range of beautiful themes of exceptional quality. Nick has always favored simplicity and flexibility and this is a constant in all the themes his team has built.
I’ve used many themes of theirs and I’m pretty impressed so far. I like the minimalist approach when it comes to aesthetics and this is the philosophy they use at Elegant Themes. They’ve been around for 5 years now and many other theme companies have come up within the same time to try and compete. But I think Elegant Themes has plenty of room to grow. They just need to polish up a few areas in support, the user experience for registered members, and perhaps work on some of their older themes to bring them up to date with responsive features.

 December 16th, 2015  
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Why I like Elegant Themes – part 1


I’ve been using themes from Elegant Themes for a while now and they are doing along of things very well, however there are some areas they could improve on.
Here is a summary of their strengths and what I believe are their major shortcomings where Nick and his team need to put a little focus on this year.

The StrengthsVery affordable: Elegant Themes offers three membership plans for their themes – a Personal plan at $69 per year, a Developer plan at $89 per year, and a Lifetime Access plan offered for a one-time fee of $249. All plans give you full access to all the themes in the company’s collection so long as your membership is active. This breaks down to $0.79 per theme on the personal plan, which is basically a steal and very hard to beat.Variety: Over the past five years since Nick setup Elegant Themes, the company has built an impressive catalog of beautiful themes comprising 87 themes in total as of this writing. There is a theme for every genre and you can customize them to suit a variety of uses. Genres include e-commerce, magazine, blog, multimedia, blog, personal, business, and many others. The themes are all well-designed and there are a couple of real standouts. Some themes may require a lot of customization to get the look and functionality you want.

Their latest release is a theme called Divi, released in January 2014. The claim on their website is that it is the most powerful, flexible, and smartest theme they’ve developed to date. I will do a hands-on of Divi and post a full review soon.
Good Support: I know every customer’s experience is different, but I’m generally pleased with the support I get from Elegant Themes. The contact page on their website offers full documentation for every theme as well as a detailed installation guide.

In my experience, all installations I’ve done for clients have gone smoothly. If you need more specialized technical assistance, there is a dedicated support forum where you can post your queries. The support forum is pretty elaborate but easy to use, with several categories representing theme genres so that it is easier for members to submit queries for the right type of theme and duly follow up.


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I simply love Dustin Thomas


He is doing some great things along with the guys from Medicine for People



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Fats, friends or foes ?


Recently, there are many assumption that fat or oil related with fatness, hearth sickness, hypertention, and high cholesterol causes. Opinion that fat cause health sickness is partly true. But, we need to consider that fat is also needed to our health. Fat provides energy to our body much more than carbohydrate and protein. Besides fat function is as vitamin A, D, E, and K transporter. Fat needed to be bewared of but not to be afraid of.


To straighten fact or myth about fat, it is better we realized first the various of fat that we eat everyday. There is fat called trans fat. Indirectly, trans fat is what we consume usually, that is when we eat cookies, margarine, fast food, etc. Besides that, there are fat called as saturated fat and unsaturated fat. Saturate fat is a fat, generally, at animal protein. Unsaturated fat contained at some cooking oil products and fish. Fat like omega 3, omega 6, and omega 9 is unsaturated fat which during the time have been very popular and have many benefits for health.

However, fat cannot be decided as friend or foe. As prominent nutrient that human needed, fat must be in everyday menu. But, we still must beware of it because over consumption fat will also caused health problem, such as heart sickness, high cholesterol, and fatness.



Danger of Trans Fat for Health

Till now, we have recognized some food types source of fat, for example cooking oil, margarine, and butter. Fat, as does carbohydrate or protein, hardly required by body as source of energy and vitamin solvent.

At 2001—2002,  total consumption of fat or oil in the world is 92 million metric of ton. Around 29 million metric of ton among comes from soybean oil and 25,4 million metric of ton from palm oil.Both types of the oil are having strength and weakness. Soybean oil contains low saturate fat as source of trans fat.

Meanwhile, palm oil which doesn’t contain trans fat, instead contains relative high saturate fat. Eat pattern with high saturate fat can bother heart health. Some people consider that saturated fat from animal protein is riskier than saturated fat from palm oil or coconut.


Now, based on recent discovery, trans fat bewared of as one of heart sickness cause. Trans fat issue is still controversy. Trans Fat obtained from partial hydrogenation process of cooking oil which its we know as margarine. Partial hydrogenation is useful for increasing oxidation stability. That makes product not easy causing rancid aroma through oxidation process. Naturally, trans fat also created in mammals gastric, for example cow. So, products like butter or milk contains trans fat about  2—5%.

People say, Indonesian margarine which made from palm oil doesn’t pass partial hydrogenation process so that doesn’t create trans fat. Indonesian margarine created from emulsion processing and blending (mixture) oil. If margarine made from soybean oil, usually, the process is through partial hydrogenation.Trans Fat found at some food products, such as biscuit with cream filling, multifarious of snack which is delicous or crackers ( usually, at composition is contains shortening), and french fries.
Trans fat can make food texture become soft in mouth or easy to melt, crispy, delicous and delicate. Generally, children likes this foods.

Characteristic of trans fat at food stuff cannot be detected with sense. We can only recognize it through the name (camouflage name) in composition, such as partially hydrogenated vegetables oil, shortening, and hydrogenated fat.

Trans Fat assumed to be riskier than saturate fats. Trans fat has important role in increasing blood cholesterol progressively. Trans fat is often associated with heart sickness or high cholesterol advent.
Starts January 2006, FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in America has obliged inclusion of trans fat content in packaging food product. According to them, trans fat content in food product need to be considered as part of information which must be submitted to consumer through packaging lable.

Families must comprehend trans fat and its influence for health. Thereby, they will more careful in choosing food product for children.

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